Happy Holidays!




Happy Holidays to all. It’s been a wild year, and like many of you, I’m looking forward to a little downtime between now and year end. Kathy and I started the season off with a Thanksgiving trip to New Orleans to visit my son and daughter in law, where we ate our way through the City beginning with an incredible home cooked meal, a first time at Peche, and a return to the Carrolton Market. Wow! We are already plotting our return and getting our seatbelt extensions ready. December will include Christmas in the Bay area with my daughter, a visit from Kathy’s niece, and a New Year celebration in Malibu- now becoming a tradition. I look forward to seeing many LA friends in the weeks ahead. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a full and joyful life. The photo here is of my beloved and beautiful Zuma, just before the first rains of our coming winter season here in Malibu.

As we go, I begin rehearsals with Brian Jenkins on van Gogh Brothers repertoire in preparation for spring 2017 van Gogh Brothers / Voices performances, and continue collaborations with Scarlet Rivera on new songs for her EP-in-process, which chronicles her work with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue, and with John Durrill on songs-in-process that chronicle the life of Vincent van Gogh. I am also completing tracks and demos with young writers and artists from our Composers Breakfast Club of Malibu, which is fast becoming a hot bed of creativity, both musical and otherwise, as we pursue musical, political, environmental and other issues at our weekly meetings at Soho (Little Beach) House Malibu. The LA cultural and arts community seems to be coalescing to a great extent right in my new backyard. Amazing.

My previous work in the music business has brought new ventures to life this fall with Songlily, which developed an exciting set of intellectual properties for mass-synchronization environments like YouTube, that picks up where I left off with MIT’s Communications Futures Program a few years ago. Songlily also has the added unplanned excitement of  directly and indirectly including some old AOL friends I worked with both here and in the UK. I have also been brought into Even, a new venture based in Israel that bridges the pro audio, consumer and healthcare markets with a personalized audio technology currently being used for headphones. Listeners are hearing music like they haven’t in decades. Incredible. Go to and check this out. Our Audiam music publishing venture now part of SOCAN continues its rapid growth, and last but not least, we hope to wrap up loose ends with Tunecore, which we started in 2005, and which was sold to Believe Digital last year. Another very full plate of projects!

A year end salute would not be complete without a big shout-out to grubHub, which brought me in to help with a large acquisition in 2016 in a way that enabled me to address some major financial challenges while completely supporting my life and work in music. The culture at grubHub under the leadership of Matt Maloney is the most amazing, open-minded and progressive culture I have ever encountered in my long business career. I will be forever grateful to the principals of grubHub for their support, particularly in 2016.

Well, OK! That’s the year-end wrap here. I wish you all a very safe and happy Holiday season. I look forward to seeing those of you here on the West Coast in the weeks ahead, and those of you on the East Coast early next year.

Go well,