Voices of Van Gogh

John Cate - Changeable Skies

“Total Americana drenched with a healthy dose of the Traveling Willburys.”-Scott Willkinson

Whole New Day

John Cate - Changeable Skies


The Wonder Show

Wild Way

“Wild Way” is the 8th full-length CD by John Cate & the van Gogh Brothers

Livin’ in the Moment

Produced by Anthony J. Resta
(Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins)

“LIVIN IN THE MOMENT” includes 4 previously unavailable bonus tracks

“Great stuff … wonderful songs and great sounding” – Buddy Miller

Two Brothers

Co-produced with Rob Fraboni (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt) the van Gogh Brothers (John Cate and Paul Candilore) have created 12 new songs for “Two Brothers,” their sixth full-length CD.

John Cate handles lead vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion, including family-size washboard; Paul Candilore is on electric guitars, lap steel, vocals and percussion; Jay FitzGibbons is on drums; George Ricele (Bob Dylan) guests on percussion; Paul Kohanski (Swinging Steaks), Clayton “Bob” Young and Neil Helme share bass duties; Andy Plaisted (Swinging Steaks, Dennis Brennan) guests on drums; Jimmy Ryan (Catie Curtis, Blood Oranges, Jimmy Ryan Band) guests on mandolin & mandocello; Jim Gambino (Swinging Steaks) guests on organ and piano; Steve Latt debuts with the band on fiddle. Key tracks: Goodbye Baby (featured in episode #3 of Dawson’s Creek) Pinebox Walk, Vicious Game, (When the) Phone Don’t Ring.


“V kicks right in with a repertoire of solid rockers like ‘Let You Run’ and ‘Television’ to get your blood flowing, peppered occasionally by mellow rollers to let you breathe and center. Check out the infusions of tambourine in ‘Without You,’ mandolin on ‘I Will Be Ready,’ or the harmonica in the Jaggeresque ‘Outsider’ and the sweet journey ballad, ‘Longer Way.'” – Miles of Music

John Cate Band

“Shades of John Lennon and Roy Orbison”

“Cate’s voice may be closer to an earthier Mellencamp, but “Standin’ Here Alone” shares Orbison’s affinity for soaring melodies and Tom Petty’s love for harmonica-drenched folk-rock arrangements. “Invisible Man” manages to capture some of Lennon’s caustic solo attitude without sounding overly Beatle-y. Like Lennon, Cate was born in Liverpool, but he was raised mostly in the US. Perhaps that’s why his music so effectively straddles both sides of the pond in a first-rate roots-rock fashion.” – CMJ

Never Lookin’ Back

“… the John Cate Band attack the material with the drive of perfectionists looking for an intangible refined sound like the surfers in The Endless Summer were seeking the perfect wave…” – All Music Guide.