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Life is change. Life is movement. Life is fleeting. These are the thoughts that have preoccupied me this spring as we move towards midyear, another summer and the great wide open. Hejira means journey and of course it is also Joni Mitchell’s career-peaking masterpiece, which are both themes present in my life today. This beautiful work by New Mexico artist […]

05/18/17 – Soho (Little Beach) House, Malibu, CA (Private)

Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan, Indigo Girls) joins me on violin, Brian Jenkins on bass and vocals, with Michael Carey on lead guitar, along with very special guests as always for “Samplifier,” the monthly Composers Breakfast Club of Malibu musical event curated by maestro Richard Gibbs. The music starts at 7:00 PM  We will perform four original songs and hand it […]